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A Single-Minded Focus Since 1946

As our name indicates, Florida Fence Post Company is a Florida organization producing for Florida conditions, and fence posts are our business, not one product among a range of treated materials. 

F. L. Revell, Sr., a rancher, farmer, and businessman in Hardee County for 50 years, established Florida Fence Post Company in 1946. The company remains a local, family-owned business producing quality treated fence posts. In the years since its founding, it has grown from a relatively small operation to the largest manufacturer of treated fence posts in Florida.

F. L. Revell, Jr., currently operates the company. His goals are the same today as those of his father when the company started: "To produce a quality treated post at the lowest possible price." As a result of this policy, the company's posts are guaranteed to last 25 years or longer, and have given Florida Fence Post Company its outstanding reputation.